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The City Of Gold: An Unique Experience For The Little Ones!

It’s glamorous, it’s rooted, it’s Arabic, it’s westernized; it’s an oxymoron.   While every city in the world has multiple facets and different sides to it, it’s more so the case with Dubai. With numerous nationalities co-existing peacefully in a melting pot of cultures, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that’s still rooted in its heritage. …


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10 Colourful Places To Visit On Your Next Vacation!

Practically otherworldly, these beautiful places are the perfect destinations for your next vacation!   The Chamarel Coloured Earths of Mauritius   A geological curiosity, the ‘seven-coloured earth’ of Chamarel is created by volcanic rocks that cooled at different temperatures, forming beautiful patterns in the hillsides.   Best time to visit: October to March     …


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World’s Coolest Underwater Lodgings

Undersea hotels represent one of the newest frontiers in hospitality. From Zanzibar to Sweden, beautiful underwater properties with one-of-a-kind views have been popping up around the globe, featuring some of the most unique rooms that travelers can book. Meanwhile, closer to home, many celebrated US aquariums offer sleepovers that aren’t just for kids anymore. Check …


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Travel tips: the Czech Republic, London Eye and Morocco

Take me there: Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic Why go? The pristine, snowy peaks, crumbling castles, timeless mountain villages and pure air in this north-eastern corner of the Czech Republic offer a wholesome antidote to the excesses of the festive season. What to do For downhill skiing the best resort is Pustevny, famed for its fairy-tale wooden architecture (known locally as Wallachian Art …


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The 100 Years Old Dubai!

Here we go again. This is the second time I’ve lost myself in the alleys of Dubai. As I try to figure out a way through these narrow lanes, surrounded by the archetypal wind-towers perched on restored middle-eastern dwellings, I realize that I’ve achieved the unthinkable. Getting lost in Dubai! It’s true. Dubai relishes in …


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The Best New Hotels of 2013 to Add to Your Travel Bucketlist

It’s been a big year for the hotel industry — from the opening of America’s first LEGOLAND resort to the introduction of the innovative “Instagram hotel,” there’s been a slew of amazing new accommodation options on offer for travellers to enjoy. As we now look forward to 2014, we decided to take a look back …


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Destinations to Watch in 2014

We see dazzling skyscraper debuts, earthshaking sports events, and royal coronations in your future. We’re not psychic. But we can predict where packs of travelers might be heading to next: extraordinary cities and countries set to shine in the coming year. The following places all have something really special happening in 2014 — whether it’s …


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Where To Travel Based On Your Personality Type

There’s a trip for every personality type out there. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a dreamer, there’s a vacation or journey that suits you best. Check out the ideal trip for your personality type below! The Classic Traveler Classic Travelers love organization and consistency. They’re not the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. For that reason, traveling in a …


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10 Reasons Why Jordan Is So Much More Than Petra

Jordan — it’s a country we’ve all heard of. Maybe you’ve seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as he travels on horse to reveal Petra’s Treasury carved out of its rock surroundings. In some ways this was Petra’s unveiling to the world, and perhaps Jordan’s unveiling as a tourist destination. But Jordan is no one-trick pony. …


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Visions of Jordan: 20 Images of Time Spent in the Desert

Few places have left more of an indelible impression on me than Jordan. It’s vast, mystical, ancient, and beautiful. Though my time there was quite brief, I’ll never forget the amazing things I saw and the people I met. From Amman, we headed south through the vast Wadi Rum, past the Dead Sea, and on …



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