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5 Amazing Lesser-Known African Wonders You Have to See

Africa is one of the most captivating continents on the planet with thousands of things to see and do. There’s Namibia’s famed Namib Desert with its sensually sculpted landscapes, Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta, and Kenya, home of the great wildebeest migration. But have you heard about the lunar rainbow in Zambia? I know! Me neither. There are dozens of …


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Top 5 Reasons Every Conscientious Traveler Should Safari in Namibia

Namibia has Africa’s largest game park, the world’s oldest desert and the solar systems’s largest meteorite — at least of the ones we’ve recorded. But the reason it deserves a spot on every traveler’s bucket list is the same reason we drink fair trade coffee, buy from local farmers and forego big box stores for …


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9 Planet-Happy Trips To Book On Earth Day

Without nature, travel wouldn’t exist. We greedy humans can engineer high-rise hotels and curate five-star restaurants and organize luxury tours, but these things would be absolutely impossible if it weren’t for the beautiful bounty our planet gives us to work with. Celebrate Earth Day — and the mind-blowing natural wonders this orbiting rock shares with us — …


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Exotic Silhouette Photos to Inspire Your Travels

Scenes in silhouette are shrouded in drama and mystery, and more than a drop or two of romance. I love them for what I don’t see as much as for what I do. ( A golden sunset falls on the ancient temples of Bagan, Myanmar ) Sure you can see more when it’s light, but perhaps it’s …


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15 Striking Portraits of Ancient Tribes Around the World

In 2009, photographer Jimmy Nelson set out on a journey to document the ‘world’s last indigenous cultures’. Using a 4×5 camera, Nelson took an amazing series of portraits, featuring 31 ancient tribes around the world. The project, entitled Before They Pass Away, culminated with an elegant hardcover book (available in three versions) featuring stories of his encounters and nearly 500 …


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12 Breathtaking Places You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Do you ever feel like you’ve seen it all? Do you crave those breathtaking moments of your first travel adventures? The world is full of wonders, sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find them. These 12 spots are lesser-known but equally (if not more) breathtaking. 1. Whitehaven Beach The gleaming sand …


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6 Mesmerizing Waterfall Gifs You Can’t Stop Watching

Take a mini break from your workday, put on some Enya and zone out with these hypnotic waterfalls. From Angel Falls in Venezuela to Detian Falls on the border of Vietnam, these gifs and cinemagraphs will give you a few minutes of complete zen, depending on how long you watch, of course. Kaieteur Falls, Guyana …


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Exploring the Uniqueness of Namibia: An Unconventional Safari Experience

Kensington Tours’ Explorer in Residence, Simon Donato, is an adrenaline adventurer who left his life as a geologist behind to take on the toughest terrains on the planet. He is a current member of the Explorers Club and star of the TV show, Boundless, in which he documents the many gruelling endurance races he and friend/co-star, Paul …


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6 Travel Scams to Look Out For

Yum! The pizzeria near your hotel left a tempting flyer under your door. Sounds good, right? But did you know that the flyer could be a travel scam — and you’re about to hand over your credit or debit card info to an identity thief? Photo Courtesy of Courtesy Del Marcos Hotel. Article by Ray Pagliarulo, …


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Slackliners Wobble, Fall 7,000 Feet Above The Jungle In Stunning GoPro Video

If this video doesn’t help you understand why slackliners do what they do, then nothing will. Shot on a GoPro Hero 3, it begins with tranquil music and footage of a few dudes — members of the group Slack and Run — hiking through sunny mist near Trois Salazes, a group of three jagged rocks that shoot 6,890 feet above …



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