An ache for distant places combined with a deep craving to travel, here’s what completely defines us, at Nirvana Excursions.

It’s said that travel helps you discover the dreamer, magician and poet within yourself. We completely agree.

That’s why we believe in providing a range of travel options, right from the completely customized vacations to pre-planned group tours and short, weekend getaways that completely revolve around your little ones. So whether it’s camping in the wilds of Africa, cruising to Antarctica, diving with Great White Sharks or even getting married under the sea; we do it all and we do it well.

Our range of adventures include:

  • MICE
  • Exotic Getaways
  • Honeymoons
  • Luxury Travels
  • Adventure Travels
  • Incentive Tours

We also guarantee the best rates, up-to-date information and prompt & personalized service, thanks to our strong ties with International Destination Management companies.


To provide unique and exotic travel experiences with an extra edge of fun and adventure, driven by the motive of “Beyond The Obvious.”


To fulfill the inherent desire to travel that’s there within each one of us.

To connect people to destinations, places and moments that they wouldn’t get to experience otherwise.


We are committed to being your complete travel partner by providing unique travel experiences, rather than simple packages, along with prompt and personal service, whether it’s a quick response to client enquiries or on-the-spot troubleshooting during a journey.




Born with one mission in life, travel was Viren’s first and foremost love. After completing his Bachelors in Finance from Canada, he returned home to India to join the family’s export business, but travel was never very far from his heart. Over the next few years, while he travelled extensively for work, his love for travel kept trying to rise to the surface, and it was during one such trip, that he decided to take his passion to another level and, Nirvana came into being. So right from living in the middle of the Amazons to backpacking in the small remote villages of Highlands, Viren has been there and done it all, and is taking Nirvana to greater heights with an aim to spread the travel bug.



The very definition of a versatile career woman, Nidhi Batra has a Masters degree in International Journalism from United Kingdom, and has interned with BBC. Post that, she worked with NDTV. Her quest for challenges did not end here though. After her stint with Journalism, Nidhi decided to don the hat of an entrepreneur and started her own restaurant, while heading the marketing department of her family’s construction business. Her love for travel, though, finally won and Nidhi joined Viren in making Nirvana a grand success.


Manish Bholle

Nirvana Executioner

Manish Bholle is a tour manager at Nirvana Excursions and is a favourite of our clients, because of his excellent co-ordination regarding tour management. He makes sure that everything from tour dates to tour schedules, accommodation to food is smooth and hassle-free. His main motive is to deliver an enjoyable and pleasant experience to clients, so that whenever our customer is planning a Safari trip to Africa or an amazing Europe jaunt or a couple of days in the backwaters in God’s own Country – Kerala, Nirvana Excursions will be on their priority list.
We call him “The Nirvana Executioner”.

Yogesh Manchekar

Office boy

Nirvana Excursions is incomplete without their office boy, Yogesh Manchekar. As they say, without a spine a body can’t stand upright. It’s the same with Yogesh, as without him, we really can’t function smoothly. He makes sure the collection of payments is done on time and meets our requirements on a daily basis.
We call him “The Super Boy”


Nirvana Executioner

Vacations are a way to relax, for most. But for Priyanka, they’re an opportunity to discover new aspects to the destination in order to give clients a glimpse of interesting, unusual and extraordinary things about that spot. She makes sure that everything, from planning the trip to making the reservations and all kinds of travel assistance, is done without any obstacle. In other words, her main motive is to make the client’s trip a memorable one.
We call her- “The Nirvana Executioner”


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