On The Trail Of Adventure & Mythology In Greece!



At first glance, Greece may come across just as a fun place for adults. Calm beaches, ancient ruins, exciting nightlife, it’s all there. But look closely and you’ll realize exactly how amazing it can be for your kids too.

So here are all the amazing things you can do with your little ones in Greece.







With exciting ruins and plenty to explore, Athens is an excellent choice for your little explorers. From the Acropolis to Ancient Agora, your little ones can retrace history, with the National Gardens, the Hellenic Cosmos and the Planetarium, they can explore anything, from the wildlife to the universe or even take a virtual-reality tour of Ancient Greece. If all this activity isn’t enough, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art has a room set aside where children can let loose their creative energy and learn about Ancient Greece. Further afield on the outskirts of the city, the enormous Allou Fun Park & Kidom is Athens’ biggest amusement-park complex, while the Attica Zoological Park has an expanding collection of big cats, birds, reptiles and other animals, including a monkey forest and Cheetahland. Truly, plenty of fun for your little ones!






Alonissos, Sporades

The laidback atmosphere of Alonissos made it the perfect refuge for rare seabirds and is also home to the protected Mediterranean monk seal. Within the expansive Alonissos National Marine Park that the island houses, you can take a boat-trip through the small neighbouring islets and keep your fingers crossed for a dolphin sighting or choose to move away from the sea and hike up the marked paths on the island, while your little ones spot some eagles, falcons, shags, cormorants, and other exotic local birds.








The sugar-cube island villages, glorious beaches and speedy catamarans make this island group ideal for families. From the famous Mykonos and Santorini islands to the lesser known Paros, Milos and Sarakiniko, there is something here for the entire family. While Paros has some world-class sandy beaches for budding teenage kitesurfers, your younger coastal explorers will enjoy Milos with its multihued volcanic beaches, bizarre rock formations and sea caves. You can swim in the narrow sea inlets, with smooth white pumice rocks for company at Sarakiniko, or seek out the ancient caves at Kleftiko. After all this excitement, Naxos offers a chance to lounge on the amazing beaches or explore some unique and striking temples, or simply take a break from all the sightseeing.


A veritable treasure trove of adventurous stories and exciting legends, Greece is a wonderland for children. So grab this chance, and jump right in with your young Greek enthusiasts to explore caves where Odysseus hid his Trojan plunder or hike up the magnificent home of Gods on Mt. Olympus, and enjoy the many mythical adventures that await here.

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