Kashmir: The Jouney Of A Lifetime


Heaven On Earth, Venice Of The East, Kashmir has always been known by epitaphs that though majestic, can never quite do justice to its pristine and unique beauty.

Srinagar is the first place that comes to mind when Kashmir is mentioned. Best known for its lush gardens and serene lakes, visitors can relish a shikhara ride on Dal or Nagin Lake, or go exploring the Mughal Gardens and Old City monuments. Srinagar is also known for its famous silverware, with a range of items from ornamental jewellery to larger decoration pieces. Besides silver, exotic Pashmina shawls from the Srinagar local markets, unique papier mâché products and silk carpets are some of the other things you can carry back with you.

What was once a quaint little village of shepherds has now transformed into the tourist paradise Pahalgam we know now.   The pine-covered mountains and the snow-peaked cliffs that surround the region are perfect for a brush with skiing and treks. For those just want to chill and binge, The Lidder River that runs through Pahalgam is one of the best places for trout fishing in India.



Swiss Alps move over, the real deal is here, in Gulmarg. The ski capital of India, tourists can get their adrenaline kick skiing down the snowcapped slopes of its hills or riding in the famous gondolas, while admiring the amazing views with vibrant flowers contrasting the snow-covered landscape. While in Gulmarg, the amazing shopping options are also something that you absolutely cannot miss. The famous Khan Cloth Market, for instance, is an excellent place for a tailored western version of the Kashmiri Faran, the elegant pashmina shawls and other unique items of clothing. If clothes aren’t really your cup of tea, then the Ladakh Art Palace is your chance to shop for some unique souvenirs. With a huge range of jewellery, clothing, antiques and other handicrafts, this charming store is the best way of taking some Kashmir back with you.

The ambience of Leh is something completely different to what we witness in the plains. Nestled in a fertile, green oasis and surrounded by miles of parched landscape, Leh is a colourfully refreshing burst of colours, cultures and natural beauty. Often dubbed as Little Tibet, because of Tibet’s cultural and religious influence on the city, it offers many opportunities to tick off some major travel goals. Some of them being, camping at the picturesque Pangong-Tso lak, numerous monasteries to find inner peace, the spectacular visuals of star-gazing and the list goes on.

While sightseeing and shopping are the two pillars of any successful vacation, food is also an extremely important consideration for any traveller. So while in Kashmir, don’t forget to enjoy local delicacies like Yakhni or Yoghurt Lamb Curry, Dum Olav, Goshtaba, Modur Pulav, Kashmiri Muji Gaad, Matschgand and so much more!

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