Beyond Bali: The Hidden Gems Of Indonesia

Indonesia is a culturally diverse country, one place on earth where nature and culture blend to create a long lasting impression. It is a home to around 300 ethnic groups and 700 languages and most importantly it is the only country across the globe which has over 17,000 amazing islands. Though Bali is the most well known of these islands, the beauty and memorable things to do in Indonesia goes beyond this main tourist destination.




Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an archipelago located in Papua and consists of 1,500 islands, that boast of stunning white-sand beaches, hidden lagoons, spooky caves, fantastic mushroom-shaped islets and luminous turquoise waters. Besides that, these islands also have good birdwatching and what many call the best diving in the world. Little known until the last few years, Raja Ampat’s diversity of marine life and its huge, largely pristine coral reef systems are a diver’s dream come true – and fantastic for snorkellers too.





A city that’s an experience in itself, Bandung is known for its teeming markets and good shopping, thriving cafes in reclaimed Dutch relics, intense  warmth and camaraderie from the locals and amazing scenery. It is a place where you can relax at Dusun Bambu Family Park, immerse yourself with the friendly locals and even take a thrilling off-roading adventures, whenever the mood strikes you.





Lombok is best known for the Gili islands, three desert islands surrounded by white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and pretty boats. Whatever your pleasure, these tiny atolls can deliver — partying, relaxing or an array of water sports. Gili Trawangan is the most visited of the trio where you won’t be deprived of cocktail bars, trendy restaurants and quaint little shops.




Yogyakarta in central java is the hub of arts and culture and consists of amazing history dating back to ninth century. Temples and archaeological sites grace the area. Catching sunrise at Borobudur Temple and sunset at Ratu Boko is a must! If you have the opportunity, also take a batik making workshop where you will learn the basic of this wax-resist dyeing technique.




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