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While kids learn so much about the entire world in school, simple words really don’t do justice to education that travel can provide. So while it would be practically impossible to list out all the amazingly-educational vacation destinations there are, we have compiled the best among them in this awesome blog post!



NASA Tourist Center Road Trip – To Space & Beyond

Every kid at some point in life has dreamt of life in space or being an astronaut exploring worlds unknown. So let your kids get all this and much more on a road trip with NASA’s special ‘Passport to Explore Space’. The free program takes you across NASA’s 14 tourist centres while also saving on admission, tours, food and merchandise. Four of these centers house retired space shuttles, including the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (home to Space Shuttle Atlantis), and the Space Shuttle Endeavour, located at the California Science Center.




Galileo Museum – The Galileo Effect

While Florence has a reputation as a historically-rich city, it’s also home to the greatest tribute to science, i.e. the Museo Galileo (Galileo Museum). A one-stop destination for any info related to Galileo and his amazing contributions to science, it also features many different scientific tools, including navigational instruments and telescopes dating back to the 16th century, a collection that will give your little ones plenty to explore and discuss about.






Sunderbans – Cruising With Wildlife

Rightly bestowed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarban National Park is spread across acres brimming with an abundance of exquisitely diverse wildlife, making this a real life biology lesson for your little ones. Home to the largest number of wild tigers (approx 400), your kids would find it difficult to contain their excitement on spotting a few of these nature’s fascinating beasts, along with a variety of other animal species. So why simply read about animals and their habitats when your kids can see them live?




Museum of Western Colorado – A Dinosaur Journey

If Jurassic World had your kids quizzing you about dinosaurs, the Museum of Western Colorado should definitely be on your itinerary. A treasure trove of information on everything related to the dinosaurs, there’s a lot that your little ones can do on a trip here. Fossil track tours, raft trips through the spectacular Ruby Canyon geological area, and a hands-on excavation experience, are a few of the many insightful adventures that await your children here.








Computer History Museum – Past, Present & Future of Tech

Computers are the future of everything around us. So, it would be interesting to take your little tech geeks for a visit to the Computer History Museum. Containing the most technology per square feet, the entire history of computing is compressed into 20 massive galleries. Popular exhibits around here are the ones revolving around vintage technology such as the Difference Engine designed by Charles Babbage in the 1840s, early supercomputers etc. On the future front, the place features special programs on IBM Watson and self-driving cars. Aside from the museum, you can also drive around the Silicon Valley to visit the humble original garages/office spaces of prominent tech corporations such as Google, Facebook, HP, an activity that would hopefully inspire your kids to dream big and work towards them.


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